About Us


My name is Allan and I decided after working for years in the GIS industry for companies such as CGG, the time had come to get a bunch of GIS professionals together and provide a more modern and adaptive gis web map service in the UK.

We all have Professional backgrounds in GIS from companies such as CGG with years of experience in both the public and private sector, providing GIS training and consulting to public and private sector organisations who require GIS training and/or GIS mapping solutions.


Haywards Heath,
Sussex, UK

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Our Story

History of the Company

From city offices and cramped trains to a countryside office, with inspiration.

Our story is one of common thought, GIS Web-Mapping is under used and we want to show the country exactly what this great thing can do to provide insight.

What we do roundup

From a single page web map to a full editable GIS enable suite

  • Design and prototype
  • Develop and test
  • Coordinate data gathering
  • Build the mapserver and spatial database
  • Build the web map application
  • Test