About Us

Hi! We are The Pixelists.

A creative bunch that got together with the same idea, remove boring from the internet.

Professional backgrounds in design and development and believe the user experience is the key to a successful design project.


Haywards Heath,
Sussex, UK

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Our Story

History of the Company

From city offices and cramped trains to a countryside office, with inspiration.

Our story is one of common thought. The internet is full of the same thing, the typical big banner and a few columns. We want to show that it does not cost the earth to be more creative and give the customer a better experience and get the company message across at the same time.

What we do roundup

From business rebranding to personal websites

  • Design and prototype
  • Develop and test
  • Social media, SEO and marketing
  • GO LIVE!
  • Revaluate periodically using analytics
  • A/B Test site versions
  • Revaluate