Completed in days not weeks or months!

Drones help speed up and lower the cost of land surveying and mapping services with the ability to maintain a high level of precision and accuracy. From a typical garden to thousands of acres, we can provide georeferenced imaging data, ready to be passed onto your architect, engineer or surveyor. Our data can be used to produce a wide variety of work products including orthomosaic photos for a more detailed visual inspection of areas as well as providing topographic mapping.

How We Work

We always invest the time to learn your business in order to carefully examine the costs and benefits of using drone services compared to other methods, should they exist.


Our services apply to many sectors where the need for aerial inspections are required, the capability and benefits of our drones relate to many industries and sectors.

Benefits of using our drones:

– Saves time and money
– Fast and flexible
– CAA certifications to fly
– Fully insured
– More than just pilots, GIS experienced staff
– Industry appropriate software


We have the capability to photograph huge areas in a single flight, using these images we are able to create a high resolution map of your woodlands, fields and crops. We can generate 3D images of land, map and survey fields and created combined images for potential plannning.


Using drones, we are able to provide construction clients with photographic and video surveys of proposed planning sites and construction progress reports. The high end equipment we use and the experience of our pilots means that we are able to operate without affecting construction progress.

Mapping and Surveys

As quickly as a few days, an area of interest can be mapped and surveyed accurately from the sky. No outdated maps and climbing about for weeks over mud piles with theodolites and survey teams.


From inspecting a domestic home roof to the top of a radio mast, drones can get there and capture high resolution images and video for inspection. You can even see the object of interest live as it is filmed.

General Photography and Filming

Selling land or property? Drones can create amazing video for marketing and great photos for marketing brochures. Quick, easy and from a unique viewpoint to entice a potential customer.

Some of our recents clients include:

References can be provided.

Transport for West Midlands
The Crown Estate
Knight Frank