Web Mapping

Routing and traffic conditions

Custom apps and web pages for routing with traffic conditions. A possible scenario could be imbedding into an existing CRM or company system tool.

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Informative and styled layers

Layers from a huge variety of sources including your own map server, WFS, WMS, shape files, Geoserver, Mapserer, data.gov and many more. Layers and labels can be completely styled and even restyled on the fly.

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Ability to edit layers

Functions to allow editing points, lines and polygons and their associated data. Works in all major browsers with the abillity to save the changes to a spatial database or export in a multitude of spatial formats including shape, csv, json etc.

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Drawing onto maps and layers

Drawing points, lines, polygons and labels onto the map for printing or exporting into a PDF or and image.

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Spatial queries

Query one or multiple layers using all the common spatial query commands. Export the results out to PDF etc for presentation and information.

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Map export

Export maps and layers into PDF, CSV, PNG, JPEG and many more formats for sharing or downloads with custom branding and legends.

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